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Sunitta Sarate

Active Years: 1990 to Present

Sunitta Sarate, a remarkable and accomplished individual, has made significant contributions in the banking sector for over 30 years. With her extensive experience and expertise, she worked as a branch manager at one of the leading banks in India. Sunitta’s role encompassed managing various banking operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of the branch, and providing exceptional service to customers.

Sunitta’s profound knowledge and skills extended beyond traditional banking functions. She excelled as an expert in Non-Performing Assets (NPA), utilizing her expertise to navigate the complexities of the banking landscape. Her proficiency in managing NPAs played a crucial role in restoring financial stability and maximizing recovery for the bank. Recognizing her exceptional abilities, she was appointed as a special recovery officer, further showcasing her prowess in resolving complex financial situations.

In addition to her expertise in banking, Sunitta Sarate demonstrated her acumen in managing finances and investments for the bank’s clients. Her keen understanding of the financial markets, coupled with her strategic decision-making skills, enabled her to provide tailored investment solutions that aligned with clients’ goals and objectives. Her dedication to ensuring financial success for clients was evident through her ability to cultivate long-lasting relationships based on trust and exceptional service.

Sunitta’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond her professional achievements. Currently, she serves as the Director at Santulan, an esteemed NGO. In this role, she contributes her expertise and passion towards driving meaningful change in society. Sunitta’s involvement with Santulan exemplifies her dedication to creating a more equitable and empowered community, further highlighting her exceptional leadership qualities.

Sunitta Sarate’s illustrious career, spanning over three decades in the banking sector, showcases her unwavering commitment to excellence and expertise in managing financial operations. Her role as a branch manager, NPA expert, special recovery officer, and investment manager for clients has left a lasting impact on the industry. Moreover, her current role as the Director at Santulan demonstrates her compassionate and visionary approach towards societal development. Sunitta’s remarkable journey is a testament to her exceptional skills, dedication, and leadership, making her an inspiration to individuals aspiring to excel in the banking and financial sector.

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