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Value Focused Stock Market Classes is solely committed to providing education. We do not offer stock recommendations or engage in demat account openings. We do not provide calls or trading tips on platforms like Telegram or other websites. Our primary focus is on sharing knowledge and educating people about the capital markets.

Value Focused Stock Market Classes, cannot guarantee specific returns from their products or services. It is crucial to understand that investing and trading in the stock market inherently carry certain risks. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any financial losses. We strongly advise you to thoroughly comprehend these potential risks and to consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Always ensure that your financial choices align with your own risk tolerance.

To emphasize, we do not engage in demat account openings, nor do we provide stock advice. Value Focused Stock Market Classes is exclusively dedicated to educational purposes.

We conduct over Multiple stock case studies to establish a robust understanding of fundamental principles. However, we strictly refrain from making any buy or sell recommendations that could potentially manipulate stock prices. Our comprehensive course spans a minimum of 4 months, providing a detailed education. After completing the course, we strongly recommend that you seek guidance from your investment advisor before engaging in any trading or investment activities. It’s important to be aware that trading and investing in the stock market inherently involve market risks.

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